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To meet the needs of your business

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To meet the needs of your business

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Welcome to One Touch Payroll

One Touch Payroll provides a quality payroll service, geared to meet the needs of businesses today. We provide a payroll service for monthly payroll cycles, weekly payroll cycles and Bi-weekly payroll cycles including the production of monthly, weekly and Bi-weekly reports and security-sealed payslips. A full end of tax year service including the production of all statutory employer and employee information and bi-annual tax reconciliation.

Confidentiality is of utmost importance when processing your payroll. One Touch Payroll will ensure that your payroll remains confidential.

Our Services

  • In-depth needs analysis to ensure that you get exactly what you expect.
  • High level review of remuneration structures to ensure compliance with tax legislation and other statutory requirements.
  • Supplying customized reports to assist with reconciliation of medical aid, pension and provident fund payments.
  • Supplying customized reports to assist with reconciliation of other third party payments including garnishee orders and staff loans.
  • Leave administration.
  • Preparation of electronic transfer files for employee’s net salaries.
  • Customised reports in electronic format (PDF).
  • Monthly preparation of the EMP201 return for PAYE, Skills Development Levy and UIF.
  • Annual preparation of IRP5 and IT3 certificates.
  • Bi-annual preparation of IRP5 and IT3 reconciliation.
  • Supplying reports to assist with completion of COID return.
  • Supplying security sealed payslips.
  • Sending the UIF declaration via email.
  • Why One Touch Payroll

    One Touch Payroll purpose is to help companies manage their employees more successfully by providing a superior payroll solution.

    Market trends are showing that many businesses are evaluating the administration of their payroll and have found that outsourcing their payroll is highly cost effective. By using One Touch Payroll, finance resources can be utilized to perform more productive functions.

    The Benefits of One Touch Payroll

  • Complete payroll processing.
  • Printing and distribution of customised payslips.
  • Transmitting your declaration file to the UIF on your behalf.
  • Transmitting your SARS EMP501 reconciliation to SARS
    Providing customised management reports.
  • All statutory requirements complied with.
  • The advantages

    Using your existing payroll documentation.
    Tailoring of output reports to match your financial requirements.
    Accurate data entry and on-going maintenance of records result in improved reliability in the content of your personnel database.
    Flexibility of One Touch Payroll services to suit your needs.


    We discuss your requirements and then formulate a service that is individually tailored to best suit your needs. Our continuous feedback process ensures that we keep in touch with the growing needs of your business.

    Peace of mind

    One Touch Payroll provides reliable and cost effective services, irrespective of the complexity of your salaries and related systems. With One Touch Payroll you have complete peace of mind that your employees are paid on time, every time, and are assured that your monthly and annual returns are submitted correctly.

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